Fine Craft Collective

A cooperative sale featuring talented local artists

Medium: Composed Jewelry

  • Terri Zawacki

    Terri Zawacki

    I have always loved making beautiful things. At a young age I began to create art, mostly various needlework projects. I also began my fascination with nature and rocks. I remember wandering the banks of my parent’s lake in Northern Minnesota, collecting beautiful rocks as I went. In 1998 I saw a necklace (made with stone and…

  • Lori Schmidt

    Lori Schmidt

    I am a jewelry artist in Northfield. The meditative process of needle woven beadwork in subtle color variations draws me in. My current challenge is combining the textural beadwork with silver fusing and my handmade beads.

  • Annie Larson

    Annie Larson

    I make handmade jewelry and ornaments with glass, stones, wood, metal and other found objects. I love one-of-a-kind treasures like old vintage jewelry, rocks and driftwood found on the beach. Putting it all together is like a puzzle. I love working and re-working a piece of jewelry until everything falls into place. As I learn new crafts…

  • Juan Fried

    Juan Fried

    As an architect and artist, I’m always looking for the large- and small-scale interrelationships of natural and man-made forms and structures. Out of recycled sterling silver, I make small, wearable sculptures based on the dynamic geometric and architectural shapes that surround me. The hoppers, chutes, bins and their supporting structures create vessels and conduits for the seasonal…

  • Jess Prill

    Jess Prill

    I have always lived in a world of daydreams and imagination. My work is a window into that world. I encourage you to please come dream with me! I love to play with silver and stones and fire. The end result is hopefully a beautiful piece of unique jewelry that brings compliments and joy to…

  • Heather Lawrenz

    Heather Lawrenz

    I create unique and limited edition jewelry from my home studio in Northfield, MN.  I allow the materials, whether they are glass, stone, recycled, or found to guide my designs. It is not only the jewelry components that inspire me, but the process by which I connect them together. I find gratification in combining unexpected…

  • Andrea Turini

    Andrea Turini

    Recently moved from New York City, Andrea Turini is a local designer who creates classically elegant beaded statement jewelry that is comfortable and easy to wear. She balances bold colors with unique contrasts to create pieces that seamlessly transition between seasons and styles. Her designs use the highest quality Japanese seed beads and Swarovski crystals.…