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Annie Larson

I make handmade jewelry and ornaments with glass, stones, wood, metal and other found objects. I love one-of-a-kind treasures like old vintage jewelry, rocks and driftwood found on the beach. Putting it all together is like a puzzle. I love working and re-working a piece of jewelry until everything falls into place. As I learn new crafts and skills, I look forward to seeing how my art will evolve.

This year I have continued to concentrate on perfecting my wood cutting skills and am making more Viking Shield earrings and necklaces. I have also started playing with transferring Norwegian knitting patterns into beaded earrings. And I have a new collection of simple earrings that I am calling “earrings for my mom”.

The name Sleepy Bean comes from my grandma. She was full of nicknames for us. I absolutely adored my grandma, whom we called Lover. She was the most appropriately named grandmother of all time. Every day I am inspired by how strong she was and how she came from strong women and passed that down to my mom and my aunt and to me and my cousins and now on to my own daughters. 

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