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Terri Zawacki

I have always loved making beautiful things. At a young age I began to create art, mostly various needlework projects. I also began my fascination with nature and rocks. I remember wandering the banks of my parent’s lake in Northern Minnesota, collecting beautiful rocks as I went.

In 1998 I saw a necklace (made with stone and glass beads accented with silver findings) I thought was perfect, well almost, as I knew there were things that I’d change. Having spent years doing some kind of craftwork I decided to try to make it myself. I collected all the supplies needed to complete the project. When it was done, I knew I had to make more as I loved the process. My second attempt was a gift, almost like mine, but with a twist. When I gave it to her everyone was envious and I was hooked, I had to make more!

In 2004 I decided to take my journey one step further and I started Jewelers School. I found that I love designing wonderful jewelry that myself and others can wear and enjoy. It thrills me to see one of my ideas go from a thought to a sketch, then finally into a finished piece of wearable Art. 

In 2016 I took a class on making Sami Inspired Jewelry using supplies ordered from Sweden. The Sami are the Indigenous peoples of Scandinavia, mostly known for being Reindeer herders. I knew I found another style that I needed to embrace; it has become my current line of jewelry.

I love making wearable art for others, bringing beauty and pleasure to others through my creations.