Fine Craft Collective

A cooperative sale featuring talented local artists

Medium: Functional Clay

  • Colleen Riley

    Colleen Riley

    I create ceramic works to be enjoyed with food, displayed in the home, or tucked into a serene garden. I fell in love with ceramics 30+ years ago, when on a whim I took the first class ever offered at the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis. Fifteen years later I transitioned from a career in graphic design to full-time ceramic artist, living and working in rural southern Dakota County.  From the beginning I have pursued…

  • Chris Holmquist

    Chris Holmquist

  • Barbara Zaveruha

    Barbara Zaveruha

    After wandering through engineering, sociology, anthropology, motherhood and technical writing, I finally found my true calling in the mid-1990s, when I first got my hands in real clay. I loved the idea that you could start with earth and water, air and fire, and end up with dishes. I took classes at Northern Clay Center,…

  • Tami Resler

    Tami Resler

    Texture, shape and color all tell a story. I hope my work will be interesting to look at, but also to touch. Whether a piece is intended to be useful or decorative, funny or evocative, it should be relatable and touchable.  Art helps us process and express thoughts and feelings and build universal connections, that’s…

  • Sue & Chris Holmquist

    Sue & Chris Holmquist

    We are a husband wife team and have been making pots together since 1976. Our home and studio are located in the beautiful countryside east of Northfield. Our work combines the love of creating pots with beautiful form / function with the joy of creating whimsical imagery for each pot. . Our pots are carefully…

  • Christie Clarke

    Christie Clarke

    My slab-built low-fire clay vessels and boxes are part of a continuing experiment in creating simple objects that have a timeless look; both ancient and modern. I am interested in revealing texture and color in multiple layers with a dry and matte glazed surfaces.

  • Juliane Shibata

    Juliane Shibata

    Juliane Shibata is a ceramic artist and educator from Northfield who explores how ornamental patterns are used, adapted, and evolve over time, and how viewers’ own perceptions and backgrounds influence how they see and interpret the motifs. Juliane was awarded a 2021 McKnight Artist Fellowship for Ceramic Artists and received the Tile Heritage Prix Primo…