Fine Craft Collective

A cooperative sale featuring talented local artists

Reid Hendershot

Whether searching through the piles of brush at the Northfield yard waste site or collecting wood salvaged from storms or disease, I have the honor to reveal the warmth and beauty in my pieces from wood often destined to be firewood. Pick up my work and feel its comfort.

I have also been gifted dusty piles of wood recovered from a customer’s grandfather’s barn or a friend’s storm-recovered wood stored since 2007 in a pole barn…thus sourced, the last few years my display shelves were live-edged maple boards and very heavy to transport and set up…I repurposed those five shelves into 35 spatulas and 15 scrapers.

Having dived deep into this craft since retiring in 2016, I am researching new finishes (even some vegan-friendly options) and designing new pieces like big treasure boxes and un-turned candle holders that even further reduce the amount of wood lost to chips.

While fishing and making music do cut into my shop time on occasion, the bags of mistakes I make regularly can easily heat the shop during the long winter months.